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Ultrafine dicyandiamide


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  • Release date:2023-02-24 16:43:47
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Detailed introduction

  Ultrafine dicyandiamide, also known as latent curing agent of epoxy resin, 1-cyanoguanidine.

  Molecular weight: 84.08 Structural formula:

  CAS # 461-58-5

  Packing: packed in 15kg cartons.


  Dycure10 is used as a latent curing agent in thermosetting epoxy resin system, in which less than 1.6% dispersant is added to prevent product caking and promote the even dispersion of Dycure10 in epoxy resin system. It is widely used in the field of one-component adhesives, composite materials and powder coatings.

  Product specification:

  Appearance: white powder

  Dicyandiamide content (HPLC): ≥ 97.3%

  Dispersant: ≤ 1.6%

  Moisture: ≤ 0.3%

  Particle size D90: 90%<10 μ m