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Strengthen the supervision of pharmaceutical and bio-fermentation enterprises and urge the rectifica

Release date:2023-02-24 16:37:28 author:administrators click:186

The Department of Environmental Protection of the Ningxia Autonomous Region recently held a conference on the promotion of the environmental supervision of odor gases from pharmaceutical and biological fermentation enterprises in Yinchuan City, urging the main principals and environmental protection principals of seven key enterprises around Yinchuan City, such as pharmaceutical and biological fermentation, to effectively fulfill the corporate social responsibility and the main responsibility of pollution control.

It is understood that Yongning County of Yinchuan City had held a meeting before this, interviewed three odor nuisance enterprises in the area, and signed the odor control commitment letter. In view of the existing problems, the heads of relevant enterprises have stated that they will immediately implement rectification measures according to the requirements of the government and the environmental protection department, actively rectify, and gradually eliminate the odor nuisance.


This time, the Department of Environmental Protection of Ningxia Autonomous Region put forward work requirements to seven pharmaceutical and biological fermentation enterprises to strengthen the treatment of odor gas pollution, requiring them to recognize the situation, pay attention to it in thought, understand it in place, and act actively.

The prevention and control of air pollution is the top priority of the environmental protection work in Ningxia Autonomous Region in 2016. We should fully promote the Yinchuan Blue Water and Blue Sky work plan and establish social integrity files for all enterprises. Make full use of modern information means such as third-party odor monitor and remote monitoring facilities to conduct * * * supervision on enterprises.

Enterprises should, in line with the attitude of being responsible for the enterprise, family and society, earnestly fulfill the social responsibility and the main responsibility of pollution control, and do a good job of odor gas pollution control. The "top leaders" should pay close attention to the long-term, adhere to the combination of immediate interests and long-term development, pay attention to both daily fine management and long-term pollution prevention, and form a * * supervision mechanism.

At the same time, we should strengthen the supervision of the three-level environmental protection department, strengthen the use of online monitoring facilities data, and carry out routine spot checks and comparative monitoring. For environmental violations and enterprises that do not normally operate pollution control facilities, illegally discharge and release malodorous gases, and stop the operation of pollution control facilities without authorization, strengthen the law enforcement, and use daily punishment, seizure and other means to never tolerate, never compromise, and never be soft. The municipal and county-level environmental protection departments should further strengthen the territorial supervision responsibility, innovate the supervision mechanism and mode, implement the supervision mechanism of "the first leader" taking the overall responsibility, the person in charge of the main task, and the person in charge of the fixed position and responsibility, to ensure that the supervision responsibility is in place. (Ningxia Environmental Protection Network)